July 09, 2007

what are some good sites for MDG information and activism?

Justice for the poor will take a lot more than individual charitable contributions, and I believe that we who identify as Christians are responsible for our stewardship of the power and privilege as well as the money we have. If you're looking for websites providing information on the Millennium Development Goals and other issues surrounding justice for the poor and helping people to act on this information and exercise good stewardship of their power, you might find these websites helpful:

  • Bread for the World -- "Seeking Justice, Ending Hunger." Bread for the World is an American organization that since 1972 has helped Christians in particular lobby effectively to address the causes of hunger. This page is dedicated specifically to Bread for the World's work with the ONE Campaign.
  • The ONE Episcopalian and Episcopal Public Policy Network -- The Episcopal Public Policy Network (EPPN) helps people use their voice to support public policy endorsed by the General Convention of the Episcopal Church, which has designated the Millennium Development Goals as our mission priority. Sign up for EPPN alerts (and no, you don't have to be Episcopalian to do so!) in your areas of interest and they'll notify you when legislation arises in that area and make it easy for you to email your senators and representatives in the U.S. Congress with YOUR views, whether you want to use their form letter or your own words. And don't miss this page of resources, including prayers and a liturgy of the Eucharist, for people of faith interested in engaging the Millennium Development Goals.
  • The ONE Lutheran Campaign -- with resources and info especially (but not exclusively) for Lutherans.
  • Oxfam International -- an outstanding website that provides news, analysis, and information on how to get involved to advocate for justice for the poor. I wish the ONE Campaign website were half as informative.
  • Make Trade Fair -- writing checks that make us feel generous while voting for people who and supporting practices that favor wealthy nations and make it impossible for people in developing countries to sell their products for a fair price places us in the spiritually dangerous position of holding on to power and privilege that preserve the gulf between rich and poor and keep us deciding, in effect, who lives and who dies. Oxfam provides the Make Trade Fair site with information on what the issues are and how we can change this profoundly unjust and dehumanizing situation.
  • The ONE Campaign -- I wish its website were better, but signing the ONE Declaration there is still one of the best ways for people in the U.S. to be alerted when legislation related to the Millennium Development Goals arises, and I have high hopes that the ONE Vote '08 site will be a positive influence in U.S. elections in 2008.

If I've missed a site that you find particularly helpful, please email me with information, and I'll be happy to consider it.

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