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September 06, 2007

what permissions do I need to use U2's music in the U2charist?

U2 and Universal Music Group, which publishes U2's music, have generously agreed to give blanket permission to those using U2's music in U2charists, IF absolutely every cent collected goes to relief for global AIDS and extreme poverty, as explained in more detail here, with some suggestions as to some good organizations to which your U2charist funds might go.

U2 are particularly concerned with extreme poverty -- for example, those living (and dying) on $1 a day or less, those who have no access to clean drinking water. The U.S. and Britain, for example, don't really have that kind of poverty. As important as justice and mercy for the poor in countries such as the U.S. are, giving funds collected at a U2charist for poverty relief in the U.S. does not meet the spirit of the agreement with U2 and Universal Music Group; please find a worthy recipient of what you collect to address extreme poverty.

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