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July 09, 2007

will you give me permission to host a U2charist?

Sure, but you don't need my specific permission. All liturgical work I've done has been released under a Creative Commons license for general use. The only requirements are:

  • You're not selling or otherwise making money from a work derived from mine.
  • You give credit where appropriate. I don't expect or want people to interrupt the flow of a sermon or liturgy with an announcement that I wrote something that helped create what's going on, but I do expect that web pages, printed liturgies, projected liturgies that include credits, press releases, and so on will note sources used. (See the U2charist FAQ entry "why is it important to give credit to sources?" for more on this.)
  • You use the material to the best of your ability for purposes in harmony with those for which it was created. (For example, I'd be disappointed if I heard that someone was holding U2charists while preaching that it doesn't matter whether or not Christians strive for justice for the poor as long as we tell people how to get to heaven.)

I am always happy to hear people's stories about what they've done, what worked well, and what they learned from it -- feedback encourages people to share more -- but you don't have to get anything from me to host a U2charist.

Please note that U2 has their own requirement for people who want to use their music in a service: ALL money collected must go to an organization furthering the Millennium Development Goals. See the U2charist FAQ entry, "where should the money collected at a U2charist go?" for more information.

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