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What are Deists?

That's not exactly about the Bible, but I don't mind answering it.  Deism was a movement of the Enlightenment, mostly in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, that held a view of God as being a little like a watchmaker.  A watchmaker makes a watch so that it works in a particular way, and then the watch then runs without further input from the watchmaker. Deists believed that God made the world in accordance with reason, and God does not in any way act upon or interfere with the universe after Creation -- no miracles, and no revelation; just natural laws playing themselves out, and people using their God-given reason to figure out how the universe works and how they should live. A lot of our countries' "founding fathers" were Deist or mostly Deist in their outlook.

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Since you answered about Deism, how about Postmodernism? Is there any clearcut definition, or at least something I can wrap my mind around?

Would Spong or Harpur be considered Postmodern?

Posted by: Gary | Aug 7, 2005 5:52:32 PM

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