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May 27, 2005

discernment webpages

Some time ago, I wrote a series of webpages for Hear God's Call, a site designed to encourage young people in the Episcopal Church to consider whether they might be called to ordained ministry. I think the pages are more generally useful, though, as a very brief and totally free resource for ideas, some general principles, and a list of further places to explore for those seeking spiritual discernment. So, check out:

Hear God's Call: Discernment Resources

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I should have guessed that you were in on those pages - what a great resource - they have been very helpful in my discernment process -- right up there with dismalting an atomic bomb and LOTRs - I am not kidding! And I am so not a young person - but a WASPish mom of three! Thanks for the blessing!

Posted by: leah | Jun 5, 2005 3:09:32 PM

Thanks for the link!

Posted by: Mark | Aug 2, 2005 1:17:17 PM

Thanks again for these resources. I wish the CofE and the Scottish Episcopal Church had something similar.

Posted by: Mark | Aug 2, 2005 4:51:43 PM

Wow, I never checked out your resources page before. This stuff on discernment is wonderful - now I've got a link to share with others! FYI, here:


is a list of discernment resources I happen to have run across, in case they're of use to anyone.

Posted by: Mike Croghan | Jan 6, 2006 5:15:32 PM

Doh! Foiled by formatting. Let me try it this way:

here is the link I tried to provide.

Posted by: Mike Croghan | Jan 6, 2006 5:17:08 PM

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