> Bette

Bette with head turned
blur in the living room
profile with denim
adrift in a sea of cuteness
unfocused dignity
scritch me
... or an EXTREME close-up!
ready for my close-up
... oh, and you forgot 'sweet.' I'm that too.
... and I'm content in my perfection.
yes, I am perfect
Is this my best side?
kitty chorus line
Bette in profile
soft spot
serene poise
yes, you may adore me
dignity and grace
bathing (2)
Bette bathing (1)
study in sweetness
Bette and Baja Fresh
Bette takes a bow
Bette holding court
still looking up
looking up
dealing with papparazzi
another queenly portrait
Portrait of a Diva
ah ...
The Flowering Duvet