swag with a mission

I was musing today about a variety of things -- the Anglican Communion, ecumenism, interfaith possibilities -- and found myself thinking once more that the most promising route forward is often working together around a shared sense of mission. And I thought to myself, "I wish I could get a t-shirt with the Anglican Communion's Five Marks of Mission":

  • To proclaim the Good News of God's reign
  • To teach, baptize, and nurture new believers
  • To respond to human need by loving service
  • To seek to transform unjust structures of society
  • To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth

And so I designed one. There are a variety of men's and women's t-shirts, sweatshirts, and tote bags with this site's icon of the Trinity with Blues Brothers-style hats and sunglasses and "We're on a mission from God" on the front:


... and with the Five Marks of Mission on the back:


If you'd like clothing or a tote bag with this design, pop by the new SarahLaughed.net Café Press store. I have a number of other "I wish I had a t-shirt with this" ideas and don't want too bewildering an array of choices at the store, so I plan to rotate periodically which design is available. If you like this one, please do pounce on it! For each purchase, $2.00 goes to support SarahLaughed.net.

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email notification

Longtime readers of this blog may remember that in yesteryear, one could sign up for email notification when there was a new entry. Unfortunately, Bloglet, the company that provided that service, was ridiculously unreliable, so I eventually suspended the email notification service.

It's back! FeedBlitz, which thus far I've experienced as far more reliable than Bloget was, is providing email notification service, so I've once more posted a form to sign up for it; if you sign up, or if you were signed up to receive email notification via Bloglet in days of yore (although not if you were one of the ten anonymous subscribers -- I had no way to move those over to the new service), then you should receive each new lectionary blog entry via email once it goes up. To sign up, just look for the form to fill in your email address in the right-hand sidebar under 'subscribe.'

As this is a new service, I'll be grateful for any feedback you can give me about how it's working (or not working) for you. If, like Bloglet, it turns out to cause more trouble than it's worth, I'll disable it, but I'm hoping it'll work well. I know there are a lot of readers who have never really gotten into the whole RSS thing (it's very cool, I tell you -- you can see one use for it explained here in simple terms for users of the Firefox web browser), but who want to know when something new goes up without having to check the site all the time. If that's you, please do try out the FeedBlitz service for email notification, and let me know how it goes.



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where are you?

Probably my favorite thing about doing this website is hearing from you folks all over the world about who you are, what your ministries are like, and what all of this stuff on SarahLaughed.net has meant to you. I'm meeting people from all over the world -- every continent except Antarctica -- and I love it. I love anything that gives me more of a sense of who you are and where you're coming from.

And then I came across this cool thing via the Feminarian. It's a world map online, and folks can enter their zip or postal code to show where they are. I can see it having a variety of uses, but here's one: we can see where folks who use SarahLaughed.net are in 'realspace.'

So here's the SarahLaughed.net Frappr map. If you stop by and enter your name (or online handle -it doesn't have to be a real name or a full name) and zip or postal code (you can also post a graphic or photo if you want), a virtual pin goes up on the map. That's it! You don't need to submit an email address or anything, and nobody will spam you. Please consider stopping by!



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