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summer 2013 retreat(s)?

Dear All,

I am seeking (and am optimistic about getting) full-time work this fall that will provide much-needed stability, but will make it much harder for me to do something I could do at various points this summer:

A retreat. 5-15 people get together somewhere nice and spend time together breathing, praying, and falling in love -- again and/or more deeply -- with scripture such that it nourishes and energizes YOU in an enduring and contagious way.

There would be plenty of time during a multi-day retreat for optional one-on-one and/or small-group conversation in a supportive, relaxed setting with plenty of room for questions and doubts.

The topic is flexible (though I have a few potential ones in mind). The region is flexible, and if there's sufficient interest in more than one region, I'll schedule retreats in different places as long as I've still got availability.

If you're interested, please email me (using the link I've just provided) and let me know:

  • What dates work for you
  • What region(s) work for you (i.e., where you are and perhaps where you'd be happy to travel)
  • (If you'd like) any special wishes about the setting (e.g., "someplace where there's kayaking)

So far, the leading contender is New England for a retreat on the Gospel According to Luke.

As soon as I hear from a sufficient number of interested folks, I'll get to work hammering out the details. I'm rather sad to think this summer might be the last time I'll be free to do this for a while, but I look forward to meeting folks face-to-face as much as time allows!



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