Friday catblogging

Karen took this lovely photo of Foster:


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read this photo

What do you think? I think this photo looks like President Bush was trying to get a photo that said, “I'm best-est friends with Bono,” and Bono, with his straight face, set jaw, downcast eye, and “power to the people” raised text, was saying, “it's about the message ... and if I have to fight you later to try to keep you on that message, I will.”

Tip o'th' hat to slacktivist for the photo:


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Friday catblogging


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Friday catblogging


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Friday catblogging

When I went to see Tai Shan the panda cub last week, I did also check in on the cheetah cubs, who were keeping warm by snuggling together in their cave:


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more panda pics

If you'd like to see more of Tai Shan, the ineffably adorable panda cub I saw yesterday (and plan to see again tomorrow morning!), you're in luck. Such cuteness!

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birthday outing

HeythatsmineI've mentioned already that I had an absolutely wonderful birthday on Thursday; we went to the National Zoo, and then participated in a particularly glorious service of Evensong for Ascension Day at the National Cathedral. I've now posted a photo albums of the zoo (well, mostly of the pandas and cheetahs, as they were so active that we spent most of the time watching them) and a photo album of the cathedral (I didn't take many pictures, but I'm always looking to build the library of images I use in worship services and on posters and such). Enjoy!Tower

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new toy!

Foster_1Our old digital camera gave up the ghost a while ago, after several years of loyal service, and on Wednesday, our shiny new Canon Powershot S70 arrived. Cameras have definitely improved over the last few years! I was especially pleased to see how fast it is. Our old camera took several seconds or more to warm up when it was turned on, and to write to the memory card after each shot. The new one is ready pretty much immediately, and can take a photo a second. I immediately sprang into action to take far, far too many photos of our cats. Meet Foster, who is the best spiritual director I've ever had.

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