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Theology Bingo!

For those of you who are going to church conventions or meetings you fear will be boring beyond your worst fears ... for those of you dreading that final seminary paper ... for those of you who have lost motivation to write that sermon ... and of course, for those of you taking GOEs soon, never fear:

I have heard your cries!

Yes, all of these experiences can be taken with all the gravity that they're worth, and then some, while also providing a fun challenge to your own and your colleagues' wits.

Just download these bingo cards! You can play that whoever hears a word on her or his card may cross it off, but I think a special prize should go to anyone who actually USES all of the words in a row, column, or diagonal in a single motion or speech.

Please let me know about any winners you come across, and happy playing! (Also let me know if you want me to provide you cards with a different heading and/or for a different context.)

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Brilliant! Love it; thanks.

Posted by: Torey Lightcap | Dec 16, 2009 5:50:43 PM

We used to play this in seminary but called it Nerd bingo - we had squares for "students who try to upstage the teacher" "students who want to show off what they know in the guise of a question" "student who always has TMI" etc. Thanks for this version - think I will share it with our EfM group to entertain them while studying.

Posted by: Ann | Dec 16, 2009 9:22:45 PM

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