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Sarah Dylan Breuer, nominee for Executive Council

Sarah Dylan Breuer ("Dylan" to friends) has been nominated as a layperson for the Executive Council of The Episcopal Church. Dylan is:

A seasoned leader:

  • Served as editor of The Witness magazine
  • Past president of Gathering the Next Generation, TEC’s “Generation X” network, and steering committee member of The Consultation (www.theconsultation.org), a coalition of justice movements in TEC.
  • Member of the Special Commission on the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion, charged in the 2003-2006 triennium with preparing GC to respond to the Windsor Report
  • Served on the 20/20 Task Force’s New Congregations team, 2000 - 2003 triennium
  • Grassroots organizer with the Gamaliel Foundation, the Climate Project, and two successful union recognition campaigns.

Mission-minded, biblically grounded:

  • Member of the Network of Ministry Innovators (NOMI), forming strategy for and support of creative and effective evangelism for the 21st century
  • Author of “God’s Justice: A biblical perspective,” Chapter 1 of The Justice Project, ed. Brian McLaren, et al. (Baker Books, Sept. 2009)
  • Ph.D. candidate in biblical studies; writer on Exodus, Luke, 1 Corinthians, Romans, and Philippians in Reflections for Daily Prayer (Church House Publishing, UK, Advent 2008 and Easter 2009)
  • Served as a short-term missionary in Kenya.

Effectively communicating creative, fresh perspectives:

  • Founder and author of SarahLaughed.net, a website providing resources on preaching and formation for over 18,000 faith leaders each week
  • Creator of the U2charist, launched with Kathleen Capcara and the Rev. Ken Phelps in the Diocese of Maryland in 2004
  • Author with the Rev. John de Beer of the Klesis Project, an innovative series of formation curricula made freely available online in ‘open source’ format for congregations from Alaska to Australia
  • Active in the ‘emerging church’ movement and fluent in digital media and networking as well as in print and other traditional media.

Plays well with others!

  • Contributor to the Covenant-Communion website as well as The Consultation’s ISSUES newsletter
  • Commited to seek justice for all God’s children AND deepen relationships across the Communion to the furtherance of God’s mission.

Sarah Dylan Breuer lives with her partner, Karen, a high school teacher, in Boston. She loves playing guitar and ukulele, cooking, and hanging out with her two cats.

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Want to support Dylan's campaign for Executive Council?

I'm deeply grateful for all the support of SarahLaughed readers over the years. I'm particularly grateful at present to those of you who have written asking how you can support my campaign for Executive Council. Accepting nomination meant that I had to go to General Convention in Anaheim, and at my own expense. Nominees also need to come up with flyers and buttons (many do other kinds of swag as well). And my job at Guitar Center provides no paid leave.

Fortunately, y'all are a generous bunch! For those have asked how you can help, here are some ways:

  1. Donate to SarahLaughed.net via PayPal. You can do this via credit card, though a small percentage fee is deducted if you donate that way, or you can send money via your PayPal account if you have one.

  2. Send a check. If you'd like to do this, please address it to Sarah Dylan Breuer, SarahLaughed Ministries, 99 Brattle St., Cambridge, MA 02138.

  3. Make your Amazon.com purchases after getting to Amazon.com via any link on SarahLaughed.net. I get a commission (usually 6%) from purchases made that way, whether I've linked to the specific product(s) purchased or not.

  4. You can get SarahLaughed.net "swag with a mission" -- t-shirts, tote bags, and whatnot -- at the SarahLaughed Cafe Press store. My main reason for having a Cafe Press store was so people could get fun stuff that maybe -- just maybe could also do some non-obnoxious witnessing to what God is up to in the world, so I've kept prices there low, and for the most part I only make a dollar or two from each purchase. But every bit helps, and it's also generally a boon to me when people let their friends, colleagues, and others know about SarahLaughed.net.

Thanks again, and blessings!


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