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amateur headshot II: the grey strikes back

The last time I produced a headshot photo, it was because I got a telephone call that woke me up on a Saturday morning saying one was needed for the brochure for a conference where I was presenting a workshop -- and they needed the photo within two hours. I didn't have one, so I rolled out of bed, put on a shirt and some mascara, stood in my hallway, and held up my digital camera in front of me until I managed to get a photo that actually included my face. I've been using it as my headshot ever since:


That was in 2001, I think, and the years intervening have left their mark on me such that I now look like this:


or this:


These were taken by my honey in the back yard this morning, because I need to submit a headshot to one of my publishers tomorrow. I think I'll end up sending the second one. I like the glint of mischief in the first one, but the neighbor's cinderblocks in the background, while adding a note of realism, probably aren't headshot material.

Vanity, vanity, all is vanity ...

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Sarah, so glad to have you back.

Oh, and I think photo 1 is nicer by far - condercrete blocks be damned.

Posted by: Malcolm+ | Aug 25, 2008 12:18:41 AM

Good looking shot. I'm glad to have a current photo of you.

Be well, Joel

Posted by: Joel | Sep 1, 2008 6:26:11 PM

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