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seminary headline for the times

From the BBC comes this headline:

EDS shares up on HP buyout report

The snippet of the article in my RSS reader says:

"Shares in EDS rise by 28% on reports that it is close to being taken over by Hewlett-Packard."

And you know, I actually did a double-take before I realized it wasn't about my seminary.

Now I'm picturing seminary alumnae having to sew patches on their albs, stoles, and chasubles advertising the corporations that bought out their alma mater, and perhaps a little ticker-tape below webcam broadcasts from the chapel: "Hebrew bible reading brought to you courtesy of Staples, Inc. -- keeping parish offices together since 1974."

But no -- seminaries are too small a market for the likes of HP and Staples, I'd guess.

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EDS was actually Ross Perot's first company. And as an HP employee, I can only say, this is not a good match culturally. Given all the stresses in the world of high tech, in retrospect, maybe I should have gone with that Plan A of getting an M.A. in the history of religion. Or attending STC (School of Theology at Claremont).
Pitzer College, Claremont, 1975

Posted by: MikeC | May 12, 2008 11:53:36 PM

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