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"I'm not a theologist."

... that's what Titanic film director James Cameron told the Associated Press during his bid to convince the public that it's BIG NEWS that a tomb was found in the 1980s in which about ten people, including one named Yeshua bar Josef, or "Jesus (or Joshua), son of Joseph" -- or it might be Hanun bar Josef, a different name entirely; scholars disagree on how to read the script. Because OF COURSE, there was only one guy named Joseph in the ancient world ever named his son Joshua.

By the way, my name is Dylan, and I'm a singer-guitarist-songwriter and occasional poet. Anyone who believes Cameron's line on this tomb who also wants to buy my autograph, guitar picks (since surely there's only one singer-guitarist-songwriter named Dylan), or copies of A Child's Christmas in Wales that I've signed (since surely there can be only one poet named Dylan) should drop me a line. Maybe this new line will put me through seminary. If I study hard, I might even become one of the "theologists" whom Cameron hopes his REVOLUTIONARY DISCOVERY will inform.

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belated catblogging


Foster sure loves her little Gromit doll. Heck, Foster sure loves her life. I'd love her life.

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GREAT new blog!

I am very, very pleased to say that the incomparable Rev. Jan Nunley of the Episcopal News Service has started a blog: epiScope -- looking over the Episcopal Church. It's going to be one of the first blogs I check every morning; Jan is always insightful, and follows the news like nobody else I know -- plus she's got a fabulous sense of humor that I hope will be given rein on the blog.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Jan -- everyone, do check out epiScope!

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