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unrequited love

BassOh, I am a fool.

I should have learned my lesson in my youth, when I was perfectly happy with the idea of getting a half-decent Yahama acoustic guitar, and then a well-meaning Young Life youth group leader asked if I wanted to play his much, much better guitar.

I fell in love.

And that guitar has made me happy for many years. Why did I look elsewhere? I mean, why, other than that my seminary (like so many other places I've been) has more than enough talented instrumentalists for a band, save for a bass player? And that I've always thought bass was kind of cool and fun, and that I've for years had an irrational attachment to Tina Weymouth?

I've been shopping for cheap used basses, which is reasonable enough. Then I had the reasonable idea that I should go to a good music store and play a bunch of basses so I had a better idea of what I liked and would be looking for.

And there it was: the MusicMan bass with the extra pickup. I have no idea why: I could hardly play the Fender Jazz bass that I thought I'd be looking for a cheap knockoff of, but it felt like the MusicMan sang in my hands. I decided a five-string bass might be nice, given that my hands (with pretty decent reach for a girl -- I'm sorry to say that femininity does often make for smaller hands than many men have) aren't as big as Adam Clayton's.

Well, trust me to decide that I suck at playing all basses except one costing over a thousand dollars.

I think it's back to the plan of doing bass lines on a MIDI keyboard -- being able to get that would be a stroke of luck in in itself.

I did buy a couple of slides for my guitar, though; I'm working on a cantor-and-congregation arrangement for psalms of exile in which the congregational refrain is based on "Motherless Chil'."

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I have to laugh at this because my 15 yo is a budding rock star; beyond playing he loves nothing more than to look at other guitars on the internet and imagine what his next one will be. And he also has visions of getting a bass. Like me, he has what my mother would call "champagne taste on a beer budget".

Posted by: Rev. Dr. Mom | Jan 31, 2007 9:31:40 AM

BTW, I showed my 15 yo this picture and he thought it was SWEET. He likes the one you bought, too, fwiw :)

Posted by: Rev. Dr. Mom | Feb 1, 2007 2:08:22 PM

I've been playing a 1964 Gibson EB-0 which I bought thirty years ago from a hippy for $80.00 and a case of organic pomegranate juice. I changed the original pickup during a confused period in the 1980's but re-installed it in the 1990's. I also have a semi-hollow body bass with a pickup, but I always return to the EB-0.
I play it almost every Sunday at la Misa en español a las 10:30 am at Parroquia San Cristóbal en Panamá.

Hooray for Bassists!

Posted by: Padre Mickey | Mar 6, 2007 4:23:35 PM

What's irrational about an attachment to Tina Weymouth?

Posted by: johnieb | Apr 25, 2007 6:36:58 PM

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