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ask the squirrel

Are life's questions weighing heavily on you?

Do you need clear answers to today's problems?

Ask EZ, the Answer Squirrel!

... And then stop by WonderCafé, for which this spot was created.

Brilliant, no? I wish The Episcopal Church did this kind of promotion -- inexpensive and with a sense of humor. Heck, I wish The Episcopal Church invited a bunch of us who have done "viral marketing" to get together (online, even) and brainstorm resources we could generate for Episcobloggers and others to use to start conversations and spark thought. Such a brainstorm could have impact far beyond what its low budget requirements would suggest to people used to models like traditional television advertising.

Hat tip to Steve at Biblische Ausbildung.

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The video didn't play here,but it does at wondercafe.ca. What a wonderful and funny promotion, though. I'd put it on my church's blog, but I'm not sure E-Z is the sort of squirrel that would "fly."

On the other hand, I only have about 4 readers, and the address of the blog is going to change soon to be consistent with the main site. Can't hurt.

Posted by: ginny | Jan 25, 2007 1:12:46 AM

Ha. That's great.

Posted by: -drm- | Jan 27, 2007 1:23:20 PM

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