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what to get for the guitarist who has everything

Gibson guitars is releasing the HD.6x-pro, the first electric guitars with digital pickups. They can send studio-quality sound over any distance at all and even send sounds from different strings to entirely different amps, and while the limited-edition ones signed by Les Paul go for $8,000 each, the ones without autographs are going for a mere $4,000. What a bargain! Maybe I ought to get six or seven in different colors to suit my mood. This goes a long way toward solving my ongoing dilemma as a seminarian about what to do with all of the money I've got to spare.

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Thank you so much Sarah - like I really needed encouragement to hanker after yet more guitars, especially ones I can't possibly afford ;-) (I've already got one vintage one I daren't take to gigs in case it gets hurt!)

Well at least they're Gibsons - now if Fender bring out their version of one of those I'm in serious trouble...



Posted by: Mike Farley | Dec 6, 2006 7:46:14 AM

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