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why movement in liturgy is more than 'pew aerobics'


See the whole story here. Fascinating stuff.

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Bono to be knighted

Bono (of U2) will be knighted by the Queen of England in recognition of his humanitarian service and contribution to music. Because he's not British, he can't use the title "Sir."

I'm sure his bandmates will use the title for him, though. A lot. Accompanied by chuckling and punching his arm.

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what to get for the guitarist who has everything

Gibson guitars is releasing the HD.6x-pro, the first electric guitars with digital pickups. They can send studio-quality sound over any distance at all and even send sounds from different strings to entirely different amps, and while the limited-edition ones signed by Les Paul go for $8,000 each, the ones without autographs are going for a mere $4,000. What a bargain! Maybe I ought to get six or seven in different colors to suit my mood. This goes a long way toward solving my ongoing dilemma as a seminarian about what to do with all of the money I've got to spare.

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news and commentary page rebooted; submissions sought

I started Grace Notes because the lectionary blog, while definitely a product of my voice, is intentionally very limited in scope, and I wanted a place where I could more generally get to know people and be known in a more holistic sense.

Not long after that, I started a news digest page as a place where I could highlight important news and interesting commentary on Anglican news and church politics; since I thought I'd mostly be linking to others, I called the page "Dylan's digest." Then my work for The Witness magazine kicked in, and my Anglican news energies were nearly all directed there, so the digest languished.

I think the time has come to revive it, though, or something somewhat like it. I'm going to start posting commentary on Anglican developments -- my own writing certainly, and perhaps others' too. I've started that by posting commentary on an overlooked piece of the constitutional changes that the Diocese of San Joaquin just voted on and the most recent proposal from the Anglican Communion Institute (ACI), and I encourage you to read it here.

Since the page will be carrying much more than summaries or links to pieces published elsewhere, the name "Dylan's digest" doesn't quite fit, however. I've tentatively titled it Anglicana; if you've got a suggestion of a better name for it, though, please feel free to suggest it. Also, if you'd like to submit a piece of commentary or analysis on news of the Anglican Communion for potential publication there, please do email it to me -- preferably in Rich Text Format (RTF), but otherwise a Pages or Microsoft Word file will do.

And do visit Anglicana this week for the San Joaquin/ACI article; I hope you'll find it worth your while. Future entries in the genre of church news and commentary will be there, rather than on Grace Notes. See you there -- and I hope here too!

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