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I love these guys

I love the Yes Men. They're "culture jammers" who draw attention to absolutely ridiculous things being proposed and carried out by corporations and politicians by posing as officials of the same agencies and either essentially one-upping them, carrying their ideas to their logical and absolutely ridiculous conclusion, or showing the world what it might look like if these agencies admitted their policies were inhuman and they were going to do things differently. There's a wonderful, entertaining, and often absolutely hilarious documentary -- I'd use it in a heartbeat to start discussion in a youth group or other gathering -- about their work trying to raise awareness about the World Bank's policies, and I'm glad to say that another one's coming out sometime next year that will document, among other things, their recent "prank" to raise public awareness regarding Housing and Urban Development (HUD) policies regarding the demolition of housing for working-class people in New Orleans.

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astonishingly good songwriting

"Panic Beach" by Maria McKee is an amazing song. Just thought I'd share that.

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every U2 song I've heard live

Beth Maynard pointed on her blog to this U2 fan service, where you can check off all of the U2 shows you've been to and the site will list every song you've heard U2 perform live. I loved U2 right from Boy, and I was very jealous of my friend who saw them warm up for the J.Geils Band -- I would have gone just for U2 -- but I wasn't much of a concertgoer before I went to my first U2 show in 1984, when I was 14 and U2 were on the Unforgettable Fire tour. As soon as I had friends who would drive me to concerts, I camped overnight outside Ticketmaster outlets (this was before the advent of Internet ticketing!) and saw U2 every chance I got until they started playing stadium shows; I'd been spoiled by the experience of seeing them up close with Bono climbing the lighting rigging to sing from the balconies, and I wasn't going to see them from far off, and in any case I was starting to feel they were getting a little humorlessly pretentious. U2 got me back as a fan with Achtung Baby, but I was too poor to see them on any tour between then and the Vertigo tour.

I think U2 is the band I've seen most frequently live, though the Indigo Girls are catching up -- they tour much more often, so I tend to see them once or twice a year. The U2 shows I've seen and songs I've heard them play live are after the jump.


Larry Mullen, Jr. during "Love and Peace Or Else" on October 20, 2005 in Washington, D.C. -- I'm the gal in the yellow circle.

You've selected the following 11 shows:
· 1984-12-16 - Long Beach, California - Long Beach Arena (17 songs)
· 1985-03-02 - Los Angeles, California - Sports Arena (17 songs)
· 1985-03-04 - Los Angeles, California - Sports Arena (19 songs)
· 1985-03-05 - Los Angeles, California - Sports Arena (17 songs)
· 1987-04-17 - Los Angeles, California - Sports Arena (19 songs)
· 1987-04-18 - Los Angeles, California - Sports Arena (19 songs)
· 1987-04-20 - Los Angeles, California - Sports Arena (20 songs)
· 1987-04-21 - Los Angeles, California - Sports Arena (17 songs)
· 1987-04-22 - Los Angeles, California - Sports Arena (20 songs)
· 2005-10-07 - New York, New York - Madison Square Garden (23 songs)
· 2005-10-20 - Washington, District of Columbia - MCI Center (21 songs)

We found 51 different songs played during the shows you've seen.

· Pride (In The Name Of Love) (11 times)
· Sunday Bloody Sunday (11 times)
· Bad (10 times)
· 40 (9 times)
· Gloria (9 times)
· I Will Follow (9 times)
· MLK (9 times)
· New Year's Day (9 times)
· October (9 times)
· The Unforgettable Fire (9 times)
· Bullet The Blue Sky (7 times)
· I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (7 times)
· The Electric Co. (7 times)
· Where The Streets Have No Name (7 times)
· With Or Without You (7 times)
· A Sort Of Homecoming (5 times)
· Exit (5 times)
· In God's Country (5 times)
· Running To Stand Still (5 times)
· 11 O'Clock Tick Tock (4 times)
· Seconds (4 times)
· The Cry (4 times)
· Wire (4 times)
· Knockin' On Heaven's Door (3 times)
· All Because Of You (2 times)
· Beautiful Day (2 times)
· City Of Blinding Lights (2 times)
· Elevation (2 times)
· I Shall Be Released (2 times)
· Love And Peace Or Else (2 times)
· Maggie's Farm (2 times)
· Miracle Drug (2 times)
· Miss Sarajevo (2 times)
· One (2 times)
· Party Girl (2 times)
· Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own (2 times)
· Vertigo (2 times)
· Crumbs From Your Table (1 time)
· Fast Cars (1 time)
· Out Of Control (1 time)
· People Get Ready (1 time)
· Stand By Me (1 time)
· Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of (1 time)
· Surrender (1 time)
· The First Time (1 time)
· The Ocean (1 time)
· Trip Through Your Wires (1 time)
· Two Hearts Beat As One (1 time)
· Walk On (1 time)
· Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (1 time)
· Yahweh (1 time)

Songs from 12 U2 albums have been played during the shows you've seen.

· How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb (9 songs)
· The Joshua Tree (8 songs)
· The Unforgettable Fire (6 songs)
· War (6 songs)
· Cover songs (5 songs)
· All That You Can't Leave Behind (4 songs)
· Boy (4 songs)
· Achtung Baby (2 songs)
· Non-album songs (2 songs)
· October (2 songs)
· Under A Blood Red Sky (2 songs)
· Zooropa (1 song)

We found 31 different snippets played during the shows you've seen.

· Love Will Tear Us Apart (5 times)
· Shine Like Stars (5 times)
· Van Morrison's Gloria (5 times)
· Sympathy For The Devil (4 times)
· Exodus (3 times)
· Ruby Tuesday (3 times)
· Cold Turkey (2 times)
· Many Rivers To Cross (2 times)
· People I Don't Know Are Trying To Kill Me (2 times)
· School's Out (2 times)
· See Me, Feel Me (2 times)
· The Hands That Built America (2 times)
· When Johnny Comes Marching Home (2 times)
· Across The Universe (1 time)
· Blackbird (1 time)
· Break On Through (1 time)
· Candle In The Wind (1 time)
· Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment (1 time)
· In A Little While (1 time)
· Light My Fire (1 time)
· No Regrets (1 time)
· Ol' Man River (1 time)
· People Have The Power (1 time)
· Please (1 time)
· Rockaway Beach (1 time)
· Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1 time)
· The Black Hills of Dakota (1 time)
· Three Little Birds (1 time)
· Torna A Surriento (1 time)
· Walk On The Wild Side (1 time)
· You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (1 time)

Songs from 4 U2 albums have been snippted during the shows you've seen.

· Cover songs (26 songs)
· Non-album songs (3 songs)
· All That You Can't Leave Behind (1 song)
· Pop (1 song)

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I miss preaching ...

I'm grateful for opportunities for guest preaching; I love chances to share what I see of God's redemption of the world and to listen to others' stories over coffee or lunch afterward. But I really miss preaching regularly in a congregation I'm journeying with, week in and week out, over time. I don't know when I'll next have the opportunity to do that, but I hope it's soon.

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I swear I'm not making this up

Fr. Matt Kennedy has written on what God wants us to do to restore orthodox Anglicanism:

"Young orthodox Anglicans must have lots of orthodox Anglican babies."

Indeed, he takes up a position popular in ancient Judaism, but which was rejected by the vast majority of traditional Christian teachers in Christianity's formative centuries in light of Jesus' example and teaching: namely that Christians are bound by Genesis 1:28's command (not suggestion, in the view of many ancient rabbis) to "be fruitful and multiply."

Read it all. Then read some passages like Matthew 19:11-12, Matthew 19:29, and 1 Corinthians 7:25-38. It's amazing to me that a Christian who pays as much attention to scripture as Fr. Matt (he does, and it's a very good thing!) could assert that God COMMANDS all to marry and have babies when apparently neither Jesus nor St. Paul felt so obligated!

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