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I love these guys

I love the Yes Men. They're "culture jammers" who draw attention to absolutely ridiculous things being proposed and carried out by corporations and politicians by posing as officials of the same agencies and either essentially one-upping them, carrying their ideas to their logical and absolutely ridiculous conclusion, or showing the world what it might look like if these agencies admitted their policies were inhuman and they were going to do things differently. There's a wonderful, entertaining, and often absolutely hilarious documentary -- I'd use it in a heartbeat to start discussion in a youth group or other gathering -- about their work trying to raise awareness about the World Bank's policies, and I'm glad to say that another one's coming out sometime next year that will document, among other things, their recent "prank" to raise public awareness regarding Housing and Urban Development (HUD) policies regarding the demolition of housing for working-class people in New Orleans.

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