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MacBook or MacBook Pro?

Two good things have happened:

  1. I got my PowerBook back, complete with restored data, so I'm FINALLY back up to speed technologically. Hurrah!
  2. My ankle and knee, while still swollen and sore, are getting better -- I'm not sitting around with ice on them all day any more. This is a very good thing indeed.

And there may be a third fun thing happening soon: a new computer! My honey is sick to death of her heavy, bug-prone Dell laptop provided by the college where she works -- particularly since I'm the techie in the house, and I really can't do all that much to help her when something isn't working with it. We've never been able to get it to print on our wireless network at home, for example, and it seems to be doing strange things of late with USB flash drives -- her computer won't see files that are most definitely there.

Meanwhile, I've been hungrily eyeing the MacBook Pro laptops. I've got a 15-inch PowerBook G4 now, and I'm pretty happy with it, but I've been doing a lot more with graphics lately and I'd really like to get back to recording music, so I could use some additional speed. I told my honey that I want to get a new laptop at the end of the summer for use when I start at the Episcopal Divinity School in September and pass my PowerBook to my honey for her use. She agreed that was a good idea.

But yesterday she announced that she really wants to go back to a Mac laptop NOW -- maybe even before we head out of town on Monday (not to return until the end of General Convention on June 21!). That sounds pretty appealing to me -- we just might do that.

The laptop I had before I got my PowerBook was a 12-inch iBook G3. I loved how small and light it was, but it started feeling very slow very soon, so I swore I wasn't going to buy another entry-level computer. Furthermore, it was a first-generation product I bought as soon as it came out, and it required service a LOT more than anything else I'd bought from Apple -- much as Karen's first-generation Bondi blue iMac had. I swore I wouldn't buy brand-new entries in a product line again, but would wait to see what reviewers and users said, and for any kinks in the new product to get worked out. And finally, it made a huge difference to me to get a little extra screen real estate, so I was very glad to get the 15-inch PowerBook a couple of years ago.

For all of these reasons, I figured I was going to get a MacBook Pro. I'd heard that an iBook replacement was going to come out soon, but I thought I'd want the larger screen, faster processing, and more established performance of the Pro line. Then I started seeing benchmark tests on the new MacBook (non-Pro) line. They're only slightly slower than the MacBook Pro, even on tasks like photo editing, their screens display a fair amount more than my 12-inch iBook did (though not as much as my 15-inch PowerBook). And a tricked-out one is about $900 cheaper that the 15-inch MacBook Pro. I must say I'm tempted.

But then I remind myself of everything I was thinking when I moved up to the PowerBook from the iBook. I also must say that I don't like the MacBook's glossy screen. But $900 is quite a lot of money, and maybe I'd get used to the glossy screen over time.

Anyone have any advice?

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just brilliant.

Well, I just got back from a dear friend's annual party in honor of the Kentucky Derby. On my way back to my car, I stepped on an uneven bit of sidewalk. For most people this probably wouldn't have posed much of a problem, but over my first 36 years of life (my birthday was yesterday -- Cinco de Mayo), I've managed to tear every ligament in both knees multiple times, dislocate my kneecaps more times than I can count, and sprain both ankles multiple times -- in short, my body is held together with chewing gum and popsicle sticks. So when I stepped on that bit of uneven sidewalk, my ankle gave way, and I started to fall. I tried to catch myself with my other leg, and stepping suddenly on it at an odd angle led my kneecap to start to dislocate, so I threw my weight back on my oddly-turned ankle which gave way completely, sending me to the pavement. I'm OK, but icing my ankle (I'm pretty sure it's just strained, thankfully) and my wrist and knee are nastily bruised as well as skinned. Fortunately, I live with the sweetest person in the world, who drove me home, set me up on the sofa, and brought the little Gromit I got for my birthday downstairs to keep me company. So much for doing yardwork today!Gromitandknee

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I love gizmos. I'm not generally all that interested in how they work as long as they're working, but I'm very much interested in what one can do with them. I've got a new gizmo now -- a Treo 650 -- and one of the things I can do with it is moblog -- short for "mobile blog." I have not, however, thought of any particular reason it might be all that helpful to be able to do this.  I still can't resist trying it out, though, so here' a one-time special feature: Wednesday cat moblogging, with picture taken and entry posted using my Treo. Enjoy!

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