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Will & Grace notes

I'm watching Will & Grace now, which I haven't always done consistently, but I think I've got the series finale in mind now. If it isn't this, then I dare say that I think my finale would be better.

I think that Grace does NOT go through with her proposal to marry Will's honey, because the series ends with Will moving to Canada to marry him -- perhaps with a note that this is a marriage of convenience so they can stay together with the potential to develop into a marriage that's real and honest on every dimension.

I say this for a few reasons. One is that why would they make the guy a Canadian instead of, say, a Mexican, except that Canada is a country in which marriages are marriages are marriages (o paraphrase Gertrude Stein)? Also, wouldn't it be a much better finale if Will and Grace stopped living together in a permanent way because Will was going to a place where the life he's wanted for himself was not only fully possible, but also fully visible?

Will moves in the finale to Canada to embrace true love and full citizenship without compromising honesty and integrity, or I owe every one of you a beer. A virtual one, at least!

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I like your predictions on the end of the show. I too had dropped off on watching it but started up again in anticipation of the finale. Watching Thursday's episode, the whole fake marriage thing left a bad taste in my mouth... when we're fighting for the right to marry, Grace proposes a fake marriage on the chance that Will and his brand new boyfriend might last more than a weekend? It just felt icky. But, if the story arch leads to Will and the boyfriend moving to Canada so they can have a real civil marriage (or maybe Massachussets?) then I like where it's going.

Posted by: Mark | Feb 3, 2006 10:20:37 AM

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