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need some Sunday School classroom posters?

The ever-fabulous Ship of Fools provides a link in their "Fruitcake Zone" to the Friend of Churches Ministries site. There you'll find such useful information as a list of "why the News Mafia is so enraptured with Islam" that includes such points as "they both hate America," "they both love murder and bloodshed," and "they both hate the freedom of speech." You'll also find opportunities to order posters like this for your Sunday School classroom:


... which shows a smiling teen driving a monster truck labeled "King James Version" over a pile of bibles labeled as other translations (NIV, NASV, and so on) while a smiling, all-white crowd cheers him on. And then there's this one:


... showing a smiling teen carrying a pile of ammo at least as large as he is and gleefully blasting away on the battlefield, and then marching proudly through the all-white (except that one token black guy) flag-waving crowd at home.

Good thing that someone's finally addressing the two greatest ills besetting our youth: their spending far too much time reading the Bible in translations other than the KJV, and their being reared in a culture that glorifies peacemaking far too much. It's time that someone finally takes a stand against all of those marathon NIV bible studies that we all know teenagers are engaging in behind our backs and all of those "first-person-negotiator" video games in which they control an animated character who fights bad guys and rescues the innocent using a combination of diplomacy and nonviolent direct action!

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