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My heart's in Accra

I've started reading a blog that's become important to me, and I encourage y'all to check it out.

... My heart's in Accra

It's a blog that reminds me of how I felt when I first encountered Anglicanism, over a summer in Kenya between my first and second years at university, and when I first started questioning the systems that make the world well, what it is -- in a state with such a divide between rich and poor that I don't know how to describe it when I try. And whether your heart is in Africa or not, I encourage you to read this post from that blog. I grew up in Los Angeles, where you couldn't walk more than a few blocks in any but the most segregated communities (and there are far too many of them in Los Angeles, as elsewhere) without seeing a business making usurious amounts of money “helping” poor people send poorer people money. I live in a town in Maryland now in which I think I've driven past at least four or five such businesses now catering to people from Central America, mostly El Salvador, wanting to send money to relatives there (and, by the way, in which my denomination does nothing at all in Spanish ... no services of worship, no services at all. I'm hoping to be able to scrape together enough money and time to get from stammering to fluency in Spanish by September, which is a challenge, since my regular gig is part-time, and it's supplemented by occasional gigs of guest preaching and such which are hard to turn down, but are staggered such that it's hard to leave the country for 6-8 weeks).

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