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a creative exercise in linkology

I read TitusOneNine from time to time. I'll freely admit that most of the time my reaction is something like, “darn ... how does anyone with a full-time job that doesn't explicitly imply paid blogging ... ” -- as “Canon Theologian” doesn't scream to me -- “ ... manage to post this man articles a day while still paying the proverbial rent?” (occasionally I wonder how much content the “web elves” mentioned from time to time post).

I just read this entry, which I'll quote in its entirety:

Read the reaction and comments at the Titusonenine blog, and you’ll get a sense of how average people react…
The blogpulse newswire

I just read “The blogpulse newswire” entry, and here's what it says about TitusOneNine:

Read the reaction and comments at the Titusonenine blog, and you'll get a sense of how average people react to Mr. Robertson.

As in, the whole entry on blogpulse is about Pat Robertson's pronouncement that Ariel Sharon's stroke is God's judgment on pulling back from some territories Israel has claimed in Gaza.

The full title of the entry is worth noting: “Let Us Pray...for Religious Integrity? Legal Proof? A Gag for Pat Robertson?” Kinda implies that TitusOneNine is as lacking in religious integrity as Pat Robertson's view that Sharon's stroke was God's vengeance on his step back from unrestrained expansionism.

I would never say something as disrespectful as this about TitusOneNine. I respect Kendall Harmon. I would love it if someone somewhere would pay me one of these days to be a Canon Theologian (and blogger). But snipping this blogpulse entry in this way would be like me taking an entry that said “Dylan's Grace Notes is an authoritative guide to what freaks in desperate need of a real life have to say about current events” and snipping it to say, “Dylan's Grace Notes is an authoritative guide to ... current events.”

But hey, who woulda thunk that Kendall Harmon would cite as a bolster to his own blogispherical authority someone who refers to God (In the very entry he cites) as “she”?

Wonders never cease.

(And Kendall, I'll totally buy you a beer at GC if you want ... I do think it would be very fun and potentially productive to have a happy hour including such in Columbus.)

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Hi Dylan! You occasionally read T19, we "elves" try to keep up with your blog, Salt, Jake+ and others on the progressive side of ECUSA.

We too are awed at Kendall's blogging ability. He posts all his own stuff, unless explicitly noted otherwise. We and I'm sure quite a few others forward him lots of links, but usually he's seen them before we send them. He truly IS an infoaholic, as he readily admits. (And we're grateful for it, though we do keep Elizabeth in much prayer and every now and then exhort her to hide Kendall's computer, LOL!)


Posted by: elfgirl | Jan 29, 2006 4:34:19 PM

Sarah, lol, I was having a little fun because I couldn't believe I got cited in that way.

I would love to get together at GC although the schedule is not conducive to such meetings as you know.

Posted by: Kendall Harmon | Jan 29, 2006 4:44:35 PM

OOPS! make that: "[Kendall] posts all his own stuff, unless explicitly noted otherwise" or unless "Binky" occasionally decides to hijack Kendall's blog for fun!


(see comment #27, LOL)

Posted by: elfgirl | Jan 30, 2006 8:03:12 AM

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