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the ineffable cuteness of being (a panda cub)

I'm staying in a hotel in DC, and so I decided to check out Tai Shan, the little panda cub at the National Zoo. I left my hotel to walk to the zoo at 7:00 a.m., and then stood in line until 8:00 to get a ticket to view Tai Shan in his indoor play area. But the little guy gets to play outside in the mornings now, so I watched him outdoors (brrrrr!) until he went inside, then took a look around the rest of the zoo and warmed myself in the Small Mammal House unti it was time to get in line to see him more closely indoors.

Ohmigawd this little guy is cute! It was SO worth the early rising and the long waiting.


Oh, and he was especially adorable when he got into his little tub with a soccer ball in it to play.


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