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awwww ...

I've been looking for this old photo of Foster from the day she came to live with me, and I found it!


Is she a cutie, or what?

September 5, 2005 in Cats | Permalink


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It's been a long day here, so seeing something that charming was just what was needed :-)
Foster, I salute you (as would Tallis, if he could be bothered to stir himself from the sofa, where he is lying across a scary pile of forms I should be filling in for the diocese, thus rendering me still more incapable of completing them!)

Posted by: Kathryn | Sep 5, 2005 3:43:24 PM

Don't tell him he's being helpful Kathryn or he'll move.....
Tabbies are definitely the best - are they called tabbies in the US?

Posted by: mary | Sep 5, 2005 7:06:51 PM

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