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a prayer for those affected by Hurricane Katrina

Erd_donatenew_wht_1I'm glad to be participating in the Blog for Relief day. Please consider donating to Episcopal Relief and Development to get relief to the areas of greatest need, and please offer your prayers as well.

Most Merciful, Most Compassionate God
Hear our prayers for your people affected by Hurricane Katrina
And let their cries come unto You.

O God, the floods have engulfed the land
The storms made a wasteland of water
How can we sing to you
when so many have died or are missing?

Strengthen those who cling to life
Keep their hope and hearts alive;
Revive the weary rescue workers and tired medical teams
Renew the resolve of those who have lost verything.

Quicken all efforts to rush resources and aid
Send our people to help;
Open our hearts to give and give again
that we may be generous bearers of healing and help.

God of the Universe
Pour out your Spirit of mercy and compassion
In Your Name we pray.  AMEN.
    -- Wilma Jakobsen

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I almost know nothing about Blogs, but the spirit hit tonight and I Googled "Episcopal Relief Development Katrina Blog." I also work for ERD as the west coast ops director(Province VIII guy). Your blog has motivated me to learn something about blogging. Maybe I will convert. Wilma J and I have known each other since 1981 when I was working in South Africa and a group of us went to the Drakensburg Mts on vacation. We then rejoined at Fuller Seminary in '85. I worked at All Saints, Pasadent in late '80s and early '90s and now she is on staff there. I love our small Anglican world. Thanks so much to you Dylan for your leadership, passion and commitment. We need it now more than ever. It's exciting to see so many Blogs that are including ERD and our work responding to Hurricane Katrina with the Dioceses of Louisiana, Mississippi, Central Gulf Coast, Alabama, Western Louisiana, Texas, etc. Khotso! BSP

Posted by: Brian Sellers-Petersen | Sep 7, 2005 11:03:27 PM

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