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ten random iTunes

Once more, I hit shuffle in iTunes and wrote down the first ten songs that played:

"Lake of Fire" (Nirvana, Unplugged) -- still my favorite Nirvana album.

"Water" (Sugarcubes, Here Today, Tomorrow, Next Week!) -- if you like Bjork (her music, not necessarily her fashion sense), you definitely should check out the Sugarcubes, where her haunting voice was first showcased.

"For My Lover" (Tracy Chapman) -- her first album was her best, I think, but it's also a sentimental favorite for me. I played it to death with a friend on a Thanksgiving weekend drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco that, with holiday traffic and trouble on the "Grapevine" segment of Interstate 5, took twelve hours instead of the usual five or so.

"Forget About the Boy" (Oringal Broadway Cast Recording, Thoroughly Modern Millie) -- I'm not big on musicals usually, but Thoroughly Modern Millie was wonderful -- clever, funny, and, in playing off of the audience's racism and genre expectations, remarkably subversive. Don't judge the Broadway show based on the Julie Andrews movie (which was fun, but not in the same league as the Broadway play); it's a new story, really.

"Garden of Simple" (Ani DiFranco, Revelling: Reckoning Disc 1) -- Ani DiFranco is, in my mind, the archetypal indie musician, and she makes full and effective use of the freedom she's got working through her own label (Righteous Babe Records, which just might be the coolest label name ever).

"Three Little Birds" (Bob Marley, Legend) -- Bob Marley was an amazing talent, and Legend -- especially in its newly remastered and expanded edition -- is an excellent, tight collection.

"Thank U" (Alanis Morisette, Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie) -- my favorite track on this album. I want to use it in worship sometime, though the range is too much for congregational singing, I think.

"Because I Do" (X, Beyond & Back) -- X just might be my favorite band ever, and they're definitely my favorite punk band. Their musicianship was amazing, as was easy to tell when members of X formed the country band The Knitters, and X's songs are haunting, intelligent, and very qunitessentially Los Angeles. Beyond & Back is for hardcore fans only, as a lot of it consists of demos and other recordings of less than amazing quality, but if you like country- or rockabilly-inflected punk, I can't recommend X highly enough. Start with Live at the Whiskey a Go Go (which even includes a Knitters song), or with this bargain-priced CD containing Los Angeles and Wild Gift, their first two albums.

"The Very Thought of You" (Billie Holiday, Love Songs) -- she'll always be the queen.

"Gypsy Rain" (Arman Chakmakian, Buddha Bar) -- I'd call Buddha Bar CDs collections of mostly down-tempo trance music weaving in influences from around the world. I use them a lot in multisensory worship, and also I find it excellent music to work by: it's catchy enough to be interesting, but lacks the kind of lyrical and musical hooks that insist on placing it in the foreground.

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Live at the Whiskey a Go Go is indeed an awesome album. It's a great compilation and what I wouldn't give to have been there for that show!

Posted by: paulapalooza | Aug 28, 2005 9:50:56 PM

Hi Dylan and thanks for visiting the blog. Always great to get a visit from one's guru on the matter of lectionary blogging! Many thanks for the generosity with which you share your insights. But Dylan, how come you can shuffle your iPod tunes and not have a reportable favourite from your namesake (ie His Bobness)?????

Posted by: wol | Aug 30, 2005 7:52:07 AM

Hey! I see you have my tune Gypsy Rain from the Buddha-Bar and my Ceremonies CD! That's so cool! I'd like to invite you to check out my website and hear the rest of my music :-)

Posted by: Armen Chakmakian | Dec 22, 2005 4:12:07 PM

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