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Friday catblogging

MrorangeMeet Mr. Orange! He's one year old, he purrs like a well-tuned lawnmower engine, and he's currently living at Frederick County Animal Control awaiting adoption. I've really been missing our beloved Bette, and I've been feeling the need for a serious pick-me-up, so I decided to see whether the local animal shelter needed any help I could provide.

They do! Boyhowdy they do. There's a WONDERFUL website called Petfinder, where you can browse through descriptions and pictures of animals -- dogs and cats, and even rabbits and other animals -- awaiting adoption. Some need a foster home for a little time -- someone to care for them because they're too young for adoption, or need a little extra care as they recover from being undernourished or somesuch. If you go to Petfinder, you can meet some of these animals needing homes. You can search just local shelters, shelters in the region, or nationwide, restricting your search to just the kind of animal you want. They even tell you if the animal is good with small children and other animals. If you adopt a Petfinder animal, the adoption costs cover spaying or neutering (if it hasn't been done already), medical exams and shots, and you get a free month of pet health/accident insurance.

Karen and I went down to the shelter on Wednesday to help take pictures of the animals for the Petfinder site. Our shelter was in particular need of volunteers who like cats, and could help get them to look at the camera and generally be their adorable selves. That's how we met Mr. Orange and a bunch of other adorable cats and dogs who will be put to sleep if a home can't be found for them. We plan to come back regularly on Wednesdays to help get Petfinder photos and descriptions online (go there, and just try to resist all that furry cuteness!), and I think I might come back on Fridays as well -- cats are often very social, and the ones in the shelter are really starved for affection and attention.

I think that Friday catblogging will probably feature shelter cats for a while. Our Foster is adorable, but y'all already know just how adorable she is! Heck, maybe we need to start a custom of the Wednesday dogblog too!

Do stop by Petfinder, where you can also sign up to volunteer at your local shelter. Holding and playing with these little guys and gals is a major boost at the end of a workday -- I almost feel like I should be paying them for the privilege! And it doesn't have to be long -- you could even stop by for fifteen minutes on your way home, and it'll make a couple of animals VERY happy. I don't know why I didn't think of doing this sooner!

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I don't see how anyone could resist that wise look - he'll have you eating out of his paw in no time. As is only proper, of course.

Posted by: mary | Jun 17, 2005 10:15:37 AM

Ack! Too much cuteness! Must turn away...

Are you coming to Wednesday's emergent dinner?

Posted by: betsy | Jun 21, 2005 9:55:39 PM

oh how lovely...our dearest of all dogs, the late and hugely lamented Maisie, was a rescue dog from the Blue Cross. The vetting procedure to determine whether we could adopt her was such that we felt we might actually have been allowed a child more easily, so a few years on, when trying to find a companion to live with cats and children we ended up having to look elsewhere, simply because the hole in the family was too huge to wait for months and months for a suitable dog to appear via the rescue centre. Love the online dimension in the US. Happy kitten cuddling!

Posted by: Kathryn | Jun 22, 2005 6:26:51 AM

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