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an early evangelical influence

I just found Robert Boyd Munger's "My Heart, Christ's Home," a little booklet that was a huge influence on me in my early years in evangelical Christianity, online. Now THAT brings back memories!

My own ministry still strongly emphasizes the importance of individuals making conscious decisions to follow Christ. Now, though, I'd say that making a decision like that and being "born again" isn't something that happens once, but is something that we do over and over again in a gradual process of formation that includes fits and starts, some trudging and some strolling, and occasional tangents that prove unhelpful. I'd no longer say that we hand things over to Jesus and he just takes care of it; I believe that we are called to spiritual adulthood, maturity in Christ that takes seriously our agency and gifts as well as our limitations and weaknesses.

I wonder whether I'm still an evangelical -- or maybe a progressive evangelical charismatic Anglo-Catholic. Of course, there's just one Body of Christ, and taxonomy for various kinds of members is more recreational than instructive, I think.

One of these days I ought to read Brian McLaren's most recent book. I get the impression that his experiences in formation just might be even more eclectic than mine.

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