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youth Sunday

YouthcrossI just want to share something from last Sunday, which was Youth Sunday at the parish where I work. The high schoolers' spring retreat included a litrugy of the style that became customary when I came on board, in which everyone was invited to respond to the theme, to the readings, and to what we were experiencing together in every medium I could manage -- projected images, soundtrack, modelling clay, fingerpaint, other paints, and markers -- and we offered together what we'd experienced to God.

We offered it again to God and for the upbuilding of Christ's Body at Youth Sunday last Sunday. We're in between rectors (senior pastors, in non-Episcopal parlance) at the moment, so most liturgy that departed from a typical Sunday needed to be in nonverbal media. So the altar cloth was crafted by the high school youth group during out spring retreat liturgy, and the sanctuary -- normally without any iconography to speak of, as we have no stained glass and no permanent art in the sanctuary -- had a number of crucifixes, each of which was composed from many offerings from the youth group -- sculptures, multimedia works, prose poems, drawings, and photographs of all of the above -- put on the wall for reflection.

I was proud of and humbled by the bareness of what was offered, and I think that those who listened heard the word of God more deeply in the experience.

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