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two nine days to Indigo Girls!

On Wednesday [edit: That's a week from Wednesday -- guess in my eagerness to be Indigo-bound, I erased a week of the countdown!], Karen and I are going to see the Indigo Girls at Wolf Trap, which is my favorite place to see them. Wolf Trap allows concert-goers who are in the General Admission section on the lawn in back of the venue to bring picnic dinners, and glass containers and alcohol are just fine. So we pack a lovely picnic dinner, including wine (I'm thinking of bringing some champagne this time around), bring along the special stadium seats we've got for Wolf Trap concerts (you're not allowed to have lawn chairs that come above the ground, so these are cushions that sit directly on the ground, but have a back with support) and spread out on blankets a couple of hours before the show. The people on the lawn tend to be a lovely, well-mannered, friendly bunch, and there's a community feel to it that's something like what I used to see at Grateful Dead shows, only without the drugs (which I always experienced as a detraction from the community feel).

I just noticed that the Indigo Girls are playing at Ram's Head Live in Baltimore later this month. Anyone been there? I probably won't go -- I feel a little guilty about buying the Wolf Trap tickets on top of tickets to see U2 in New York and DC (General Admission for both shows, and for U2, that means on the floor, not at the back!), and it's hard to justify yet another expensive concert, even if it's Indigo Girls, when my job is going away and it's not at all certain that I'll get another one. But if that Ram's Head in Baltimore is a really small venue, that would be awfully fun ...

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Ooh, it sounds like my favorite place to see concerts!! Unfortunately, I don't live there anymore....so I'll settle for for Noho. Have a great time!!

Posted by: ppb | May 30, 2005 7:15:10 PM

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