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This article -- "Soldiers of Christ," by Jeff Sharlet of Harper's -- is astonishing. I've been in plenty of churches like this, but I never thought of this kind of demons-behind-every-sin-and-under-every-bush church culture to be something my president would be enough into to consult weekly. I tried to read this article imagining as fully as possible how it might all look from the perspective of a church member or the church pastor, and probably the reading I can come up with that's most favorable to the church portrayed would be that one of the drawbacks of rapid church growth is that it's practically impossible to offer serious spiritual formation to all members, and Sharlet talked with some of the least formed members of the congregation, whose small group leaders may not have been so spiritually formed themselves. But geez.

Non-Prophet also prints an email from the pastor of the church profiled in the article to its membership on what typical vocabulary of church members and behaviors in worship shouldn't happen when news cameras are around. Had I been in the pastor's shoes, I probably would have told the church to read all the way through 1 Corinthians a few times, with particular attention to the passages on spiritual gifts and good order in worship. But then again, I wouldn't have waited until I thought news cameras were on the way to do that.

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