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a natural alliance

Some thoughts worth thinking from David Brooks:

My third thought, which may be more profound than the other two, is that we can have a culture war in this country, or we can have a war on poverty, but we can't have both. That is to say, liberals and conservatives can go on bashing each other for being godless hedonists and primitive theocrats, or they can set those differences off to one side and work together to help the needy.

The natural alliance for antipoverty measures at home and abroad is between liberals and evangelical Christians. These are the only two groups that are really hyped up about these problems and willing to devote time and money to ameliorating them. If liberals and evangelicals don't get together on antipoverty measures, then there will be no majority for them and they won't get done.

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This is very wise comment. The culture war has produced not only a backlash against progressives, but a climate whereby an warranted war of aggression can continue unabated, the rich get richer (while the poor get poorer), the environment continues to deline, the economy stagnates, our system of government is dismantled, and so much more.

I was raised to pick my fights. This is one of those times where the fights being picked seem to be functionally unimportant compared to the pressing needs of today.

Posted by: James | May 28, 2005 7:05:37 AM

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