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dreaming of zombies (and U2)

I often dream of zombies, though these dreams rarely are what I'd call nightmares, as the zombies always turn out to be not much of a problem.

For example, once I dreamed that I turned on the television and found that zombies were on the loose, but I suddenly remembered that ordinary household salt would instantly dissolve them, and it turned out that our entire pantry was full of salt. I made a circle of salt around the house and filled some squirt guns with salt water, and then I sat down to watch some Law & Order (funny how detailed these dreams sometimes are), knowing that I was perfectly safe inside, and that I could always take a squirt gun out if I needed to buy a few ingredients for dinner.

This time, I dreamed that the world was pretty much taken over by zombies, except that Karen and I had taken up residence in a huge house on a massive estate, and all of our friends and lots of other interesting people were there. We had a garden and some cows for milk, solar-powered generators that could supply electricity indefinitely, and generally were having a good time of it, as the very extensive grounds (there were woods and fields and lakes) of the estate were surrounded by a simple chain-link fence, which was more than enough to deter the zombies. Occasionally, we'd picnic on a hill from which we could see the zombies congregating beyond the fence, and then something else would catch their interest and they'd move on. I remember thinking how peaceful and pastoral even congregating zombies could look from a distance as I poured myself another glass of Chardonnay (which I don't drink very often -- was that supposed to be the nightmare part?).

The other dream from last night that I remember was that U2 were playing on the grounds of a university. I didn't have tickets, but I wandered up to the arena just to see if I could get in, and they just let me in, so I wandered up to the best seats to see if I could get there, and nobody objected, so it looked like I'd be able to stand right next to the stage in any spot I chose. I remembered that I was carrying my guitar, and that I probably wouldn't be allowed to have it with me during the concert, so I was trying to decide whether I should go back to my car to put it in the trunk, taking the risk that I wouldn't be able to get back in. I had just about decided to stay where I was and risk that I'd be told I had to go back to put away my guitar, but I didn't feel all that concerned about it, since: a) I was going to see U2 twice on this tour already, and while this extra time was a nice surprise, I couldn't really complain if it didn't work out; and b) I was quite confident that nobody was going to be upset about the guitar, though it was going to be a bit of a pain having to carry it around the whole night.

But then the alarm went off. Karen said that she knew how the dream ended, and it was with Bono walking past and seeing me, and inviting me to stow the guitar backstage in a safe place. Works for me, though my fantasy ending would probably involve being asked to jam with the band as well (ah, those Joshua Tree tour days, when an audience member would be pulled up on stage to play guitar on "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" ...).

U2 have been showing up a lot in my dreams of late as well. I wonder whether one of these days there will be a crossover dream, in which I'm trying to get floor seats for a Madison Square Garden U2 show, but I'm not at all worried about it because my competition consists entirely of zombies who aren't so good with clicking their way through Ticketmaster sites, and because they dissolve when rock music plays.

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My u2 nightmare involves the teens whom I love more than life itself turning round and telling me "You're not our mother any more cos you couldn't get us tickets for U2 at Twickenham"
It IS just a nightmare,I think....but some blood was sweated in the process of securing their tickets, and I tip my hat most sincerely to Karen for yours!

Posted by: Kathryn | Mar 13, 2005 5:31:31 PM

It's fun when there's an intergenerational musical connection like that, isn't there? Last night, the youth groups at the parish where I work cooked dinner, served it, and ate with homeless men staying at the parish this week for the Winter Shelter, and I brought my iPod and some speakers along so we could listen to music while we were cooking (I was also cooking dinner for thirty-five people in an adult formation class).

I let the youth group choose the music ... they went straight for my 80's playlist, and they seemed to know and love every song on it -- Big Country, Tom Tom Club, Duran Duran ... the works!

Posted by: Sarah Dylan Breuer | Mar 14, 2005 10:55:55 AM

Zombies have been a recurrent fixture in my conscious and unconscious imagination, ever since I watched all three Romero DEAD films in a marathon during my teen years. They've stuck with me for so long that I ended up starting a magazine just about the zombie apocalypse (http://thecreativeguy.com/index.php/dead_letters).

As for dreaming about U2... doesn't happen. I've never had the connection to that band as I've had to others, or to individual musicians. It's not that I don't like their music -- on the whole, at least -- but for whatever reason they've never gotten hold of me the way a band like, say, The Refreshments did.

Posted by: James | Mar 15, 2005 8:56:50 AM

I thought you might appreciate the zombie dreams, James. Alas, I don't think any of my dreams would make for good Dead Letters material, since the zombies are either so easily thwarted or never much of a threat at all (one dream had me a decent fraction of the population simply immune to zombification, making the zombies mostly a traffic nuisance and a huge boost to my chances of making it as a supermodel, since they weren't very attractive).

I'm not sure why I dream so often about U2.

Posted by: Sarah Dylan Breuer | Mar 15, 2005 10:39:11 PM

I have a story that should appear in the next DEAD LETTERS where zombies have been reduced to the role of public nuisance. The story opens with a woman putting out her garbage and encountering a wandering corpse. Annoyed, she calls for the zombie equivalent of animal control to come clean it up.

So your dreams might not be TOTALLY unworkable material! ;)

Posted by: James | Mar 16, 2005 8:27:23 AM

Hello there,
So I dream of zombies all the time. They are threatening. They are scary. They chase me through the woods, a house, and sometimes I am the zombie. What do you think this all represents?

Posted by: Alena | Jun 22, 2006 11:32:04 AM

Hmm weird, i have recurring dreams lately of the past month with zombies in too.

Although i don't feel threatened by them at all, but it's unpleasent. And it only happens when i'm about to have a lucid dream.

I don't really know wtf the zombies mean and all that. But hey i'd like to!

Posted by: Matt | Sep 1, 2006 7:44:09 PM

hey i'ved had zombie dreams alot, hell one of my dreams i became a zombie and i ate my intire famaly. also an other one of my dream
me a friend and my dream-girl found our selfs on a tower and we had guns alot of guns ha well good dreams

Posted by: daniel | Aug 20, 2007 1:20:17 AM

It is interesting that you and a number of people like me have had these dreams. I have been pushing thoughts to the limits and in all the research I have discovered that the government has been working on mindless zombies. You be the judge. It is toward the end of a movie on the net called End Game.com.

Posted by: Seawolf | Mar 31, 2008 6:28:16 PM

If anyone is still intrested Zombie's signify mindless acts, or boredom in real life, or the feeling of being unable to act in your life, maybe being stuck in a rut? Now, back to my psycholgy, i'm procrastinating.

Posted by: Vicky | Sep 3, 2008 6:21:43 AM

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