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AKMA’s Random Thoughts

Change is on my mind, and AKMA’s Random Thoughts offers some wise words in a post "Speaking of Change":

Church should be the place we learn how to change, for we don’t simply know the ways we need to change on our own. Our life shared with God and the saints should shape our wisdom to recognize appropriate and inappropriate change. Life in church should help us let go of mere nostalgia, and should protect us from novelty-mongering. Church should help us understand that what we like isn’t the measure of all things, nor is passive subjection to strictly extrinsic autocracy. If we live the gospel, then the gospel will always be characterized by change (at the same time that it remains recognizably the same gospel, not “another gospel”). In order to avoid our running aimlessly or beating the air, and to avoid our disguising our stubbornness as piety, church should be a place where we learn how to change. And how to disagree about how we should change.

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WOW :-)
That is so exactly what I needed to read, to share with my vicar, and, if I only have the courage, to publish in our church mag.
Thanks so very much for posting it: a wonderful antidote to the dramas brought on by candles and alternative renditions of the psalms here.

Posted by: Kathryn | Mar 31, 2005 6:31:00 AM

I particularly like the last line about learning how to disagree. I find the frustrations of ministry to be, 'if I don't like it I take my marbles and go home'. Ministry to me to be alive is about change and not change for the sake of change, but because we are all in the need of growth, change, in our understanding of Creattion, redemption and wholeness. It is not easy but change is life and really when we no longer change we call this death......

Posted by: John | Apr 5, 2005 3:02:24 PM

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