Revised Common Lectionary

The Episcopal Church has authorized trial use of the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL), and I anticipate that we'll go over to it fully following the next General Convention in 2006. I've been blogging on the lectionary in the back of the Episcopal Church's Book of Common Prayer, mostly because the parish where I've worked up until now isn't using the RCL (I suggested that we consider it, but that didn't fly with the rectors we had up until April). But now I suppose I could blog on either lectionary, or (if time allows) on both, and while there's a lot of overlap between the two, the readings do diverge on some Sundays. What do you think?

Would you love it if I blogged on the RCL?
Would you hate it if I stopped blogging on readings that appear only in the Episcopal Church lectionary?

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children's homilies

I get a lot of requests for children's homilies. You can see the ones I've posted before here. As of this writing (April 23, 2005), there's only one homily there. It's a children's homily on the "Parable of the Unjust Steward" in Luke 16:1-13. I delivered it in the children's chapel service at the day school associated with the parish where I now work as part of an audition for my job. It's the only children's homily posted because the job as I ended up taking it didn't include any children's homilies among my duties. I think I'd really enjoy writing them, though, so if there's any demand for it, and if I can free up enough time (yep, that's is a shameless plug for folks to support this site so I can do just that) to do write them every week, that's a feature I'd love to add.

So, is this something that any of you would find useful? Chime in by commenting on this post to vote for or against adding children's homilies, or to suggest another feature you'd like to see added.

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