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What's this page?

This page is a place where you can see what new features I'm contemplating for the site, and you can also suggest features that you'd like to see. To request a feature for, you're always welcome to email me, or you can click on Comments and type your suggestion there. The level of service and kind of features I can implement are constrained by my need to hold down a full-time job with a long commute, so please consider supporting this site by using the 'Make a Donation' button in the upper right-hand corner, or by shopping using any of the or Toddy coffee links on this site. (You'll find a fuller post on how you can support this site here.)

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There's a lot of talk about the "inspired word of God." Some believe the Bible ended any revelation from God. I don't. What are your thoughts for God's inspired words in our world today?

Posted by: Judith Mosley | Jul 24, 2005 10:29:57 PM

Nice blog, your articles and stories are very interesting thank you again.

Posted by: dialogue sexe | Apr 15, 2011 4:27:05 AM

Some talk too much without saying anything! at least here I find what looks so clear and precise...

Posted by: horoscope | Apr 15, 2011 4:28:05 AM

Hi, We have a special project in having proved sync between the Biblical story of creation and the teachings of modern science.
This has never been done before and we intend to go to Indiegogo to raise monies to make a film documentary.

Might you care to see details of our work to blog about?
Please advise and I'll send you a desk copy of the book.


Posted by: Dr. Solomon Huriash | Sep 13, 2012 10:18:23 AM

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