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more lead time, and complete sermon texts

I try to post reflections as early in the week as possible, though the responsibilities of my current position (the one that may be eliminated) sometimes force me to post on Tuesday or Wednesday. When I'm preaching, my post to the lectionary blog usually serves as a first draft for my sermon, which undergoes a number of revisions before I preach.

Would more lead time be useful to y'all? I'm wondering whether it might be helpful if I could post a reflection -- that first draft toward a finished sermon -- two weeks before the texts are used, and then a complete sermon text -- something that's undergone more drafts, and is precisely what I'd preach -- a week before those lectionary texts are used.

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Well, I'm last minute dot.com., so though I love the theory, the chances of it making a practical difference are minimal. Right now I'm wrestling with a sermon to be preached at 10.00 tomorrow...and sulking, because of the 2 alternative Gospels, we've chosen one and you've blogged on the other. Ah well, such is life.
You know how much I appreciate your insights and inspirations; will hope to be able to contribute more than a few grateful words soon..

Posted by: Kathryn | Apr 30, 2005 10:59:35 AM

Sunday eve. 10/2/2005

Saturday I was reading a couple of my favorite Christian Blogs and your web page was mentioned

What a joy in reading several of your Lectionary. One in particular really impressed me as the inter
pretaion of the Biblical passage was like a bolt of lightening revealing the TRUE meaning of the text

The Scripture was Revelation 22:2 I wanted to read it again today but could never find it. Could
you located it - I will be in your debt, thank you
Love - Also a "Follower Of The Way"

Posted by: Mr. Von E. Lieberman | Oct 3, 2005 2:45:41 AM

Please, please say something soon about the persistent widow. The meaining of the parable just isn't coming clear for me and I know you'll have some brilliant insight about the plight of widows in the first century or the role of honor and shame that will make it all pop for me. Thank you. Your blog helps me so very much.

Posted by: Sarah Buteux | Oct 20, 2007 9:03:57 AM

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