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Higher Education Accessibility and Affordability resolution passes Council

For those concerned about issues of higher education access and affordability -- especially with respect to education debt -- I offer this file, which contains an UNOFFICIAL version of the text and explanation that has just passed a full vote of Executive Council. I want to emphasize that there may be typos and other inaccuracies in this document, but it should give readers an idea of what the resolution covers and the approaches it takes.

The Standing Commission on Social Justice and Public Policy is engaging in a triennium-long study of higher education issues, including student debt, and will be reporting to General Convention in 2015 -- probably with some potential resolutions on the subject.

For that reason, we in Executive Council tried to concentrate on matters calling for urgent action, such as interest rates, transparency of conditions, and access to housing and employment indebted former students face and the budgetary crises faced by many state and community colleges.

I'm pleased and proud that this resolution passed unanimously. I think it takes a stand that is not tied to any single political party's proposals but incorporates some good ideas from all parties, and I hope it will help the millions of students, former students, and their families for whom policies regarding education debt have a profound and often lifelong impact.

Download A&N Higher Education Access and Affordability resolution - FINAL

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