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"Nimble Governance (Theme for GC2012)"

To the tune of "Burning Down the House":

"Nimble Governance"


1) All right

We're solving all our problems

Hang tight

The market might hit bottom

But you'll see from debt we'll soon be free

Selling 815


No sweat

We'll get just what we're after

Just get that all of that Five Marks patter

down pat; you will sweep them off their feet

Selling 815




And you'll get in that blessed set cramped in a seat on a cheap jet to

a Special Commission

You'll never get to breathe real air but all your friends will meet you there from

the last five Conventions


Gonna make some

nimble governance



nimble governance


2) My House

has the best resolutions

Your House

in this here institution

is the source of all that's wrong and weak

not nimble governance


And so

I'll tell you the solution

That's right. Reboot the institution

My awesome DNA will save the day

nimble governance




So church be nimble, church be quick

Don't sit there on your candlestick

That smell isn't incense

If you just do what I suggest, we'll get right out of every mess

I'm just that intense


I'm a genius, yeah

nimble governance


I'll run the budget now

nimble governance


What's a "canon"?

nimble governance


I'm your Moses, baby

nimble governance


Drown like an Egyptian

nimble governance


It's an Exodus

nimble governance


I'm your Moses, I'm your Moses

Follow me to nimble governance


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"Making Peace (Mary Miller's Song)"

To the tune of "Let It Be":

When the world’s a mess and I’m a muddle

Mary Miller comes to me

Speaking words of wisdom

Making peace


Making peace, making peace

Making peace, making peace

There is Mary Miller making peace


And although some obsess about structure

Mary she will rise to speak

Speaking words of wisdom

Making peace


Making peace, making peace

Making peace, making peace

Mary Miller standing up for peace


Give a shout, hoist a glass

Get both Houses off their ass

In Mary Miller’s honor

let’s make peace


Making peace, making peace

Making peace, making peace

In Mary Miller’s honor, let’s make peace


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"God Save the Quean/Louie Louie (We Are His Crew)"

To the tune of "God Save the Queen" (of course) and then "Louie, Louie" (of course):

God save our gracious Quean

Luti, our noble Quean

God save our Quean

His victories were ours

Shower him now with flowers

He’s Quean of all our hearts

God save the Quean



Louie, Louie whoa

we’re his Crew


For decades he has worked his charm

to see the church -- would bless -- instead of harm

He’s Quean of verse -- you know that it’s true

with wit far sharper than our Blue Book is blue


Louie, Louie whoa

we’re his Crew


Without him I just wouldn’t be here

And countless folk the hets and the Queer

Felt God’s love first from his reach online

and may I say his coding skills make him truly fine


Louie Louie whoa

we’re his Crew


There’s a pow’r behind this gracious Quean’s throne

It’s time we rise to Ernest’s virtues own

Commands the skies with service divine

Makes sure the Quean’s reign sees the Crown truly shine


Oh Ernest, Ernest

thanks for lending us Louie Crew


So God save the Quean and his consort dear

take up his exhortations without fear

He may say that he’s gonna retire

But he will spark us on until we see asbestos on fire


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We have THREE winners!

Ladies and gentlemen and all of God's people:

I am pleased to announce that we have not one, but THREE winners to the "name a tune for the GC2012 Totally Way UnOfficial Theme Song"!

All three were performed at the Episcopal Peace Fellowship's pub evening honoring giants of just and peacemaking Louie Crew, Mary Miller, and Jackie Lynn.

Alas, I did not know Jackie was an honoree until after the event was underway, so I haven't written a song for her ... yet. I threaten to do so unless at least $1000 is pledged to Episcopal Peace Fellowship in my name. And if you don't want to get the song, then $2000 paid up to EPF will buy my silence. Or you can donate to Episcopal Relief and Development. Just pick something good.

Recordings with music are in progress, but for now, I'll give you the lyrics and the tune to which they were written:

"Louie Louie (We Are His Crew)"

"Making Peace (Mary Miller's Song)"

"Nimble Governance (Theme to GC2012)"


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