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voices we want to hear from

We are talking in The Episcopal Church (TEC) about major restructuring to help us respond better to God's call to us in this time and in our cultures.

We are talking about what TEC might look like if we took seriously the potential of horizontal networking, cloud networking, and crowd sourcing, among other phenomena that have been used successfully and with great impact by many leaders outside of the church, and leaders who are Episcopalian, but whose vast experience of and wisdom regarding networking and organizing in the 21st century has been ignored in the church even as they profoundly shape our world.

Do you know of such a person whose genius is underutilized or not called upon at all in TEC, someone who's not enmeshed in existing church structures, someone who might have something truly fresh and valuable to say if s/he is given the information s/he needs about our resources and an invitation to present her/his vision of what TEC might look like if we dreamed it up all over again with a structure perfectly suited to our context now?

If so, please give the person's name, why you thought of this person, and some kind of link or information that might help someone get a sense of this person's work and how to contact her/him.

We can work together to invite these folks to add their vision to the mix of ideas that we as TEC -- not just the people with titles, but everyone -- want to talk about. So, go for it! Dream big!

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God be praised! I should have known that you would be involved in this kind of venture, Dylan. I would like to be part of this process. I am not very creative or prophetic, but even I can see that somethig has to change. I am good at organizing things - if you have the vision, I can do the details. Look forward to this conversation.

Amy Fallon
Old Trinity Church
Tiffin, OH

Posted by: Amy Fallon | Mar 6, 2012 12:43:26 PM

Dylan, maybe EVERY parish ought to be using asset-based community development to ascertain the gifts and talents of their community and each diocese should have a database of parish results so folks can be identified and brought in to make the contributions of expertise, skills, and wisdom TEC needs?


Posted by: Small Farmer in Frisco | Jun 22, 2012 3:53:52 PM

I am the rector of a small Episcopal church in Muskogee OK. I left the Diocese of Washington after 12 years there with one great bishop but also observing the worst aspects of our leadership too. I just wanted to go somewhere small and do my job leaving politics to the people who think they are so important.

I am a physicist and entrepreneur having started and sold to public firms two software companies in Silicon Valley. I now am co-owner of a commercial winery in Oklahoma.

Trained at EDS with doctoral work in physics I do not always take the conventional view. I would love to join in a conversation about our beloved church that goes beyond rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Posted by: bob wickizer | Jul 14, 2016 6:23:27 PM

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