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convention center security forbids leafletting

This morning saw the release of the first issue of ISSUES, the daily newspaper of The Consultation. Distributing ISSUES is always fun -- many people actually WANT a copy, and so they're really pleased to see you when you've got a stack of them in hand. It's also an opportunity to say (well, I mostly inflict this bad pun only on friends), "hey ... I've got ISSUES. Want one?" And it's an opportunity to greet everyone as they file by for morning meetings and hang out with the wide diversity of people handing out various leaflets and newsletters.

This morning, though, convention center security forbade us all from distributing ISSUES -- or any other kind of leaflet, flyer, card, or newsletter -- on convention center property. I have no confirmation of this, but rumor has it that it's related to the fact that Disney hotel employees were outside the convention center as well asking for our prayers and trying to raise awareness of the myriad ways they're treated unjustly by Disney. So all of us were hustled away. There were chunks of sidewalk and street not too far from the convention center that are (I think) public property, so some of us just moved there. But those are far from the most heavy paths for foot traffic into the convention center.

What will come of all this remains to be seen, but it's ridiculous that convention-goers who WANT this material aren't allowed to pick it up from fellow convention-goers willing to stand on the sidewalk to offer it.

I hope we can work out an arrangement with security, as this is not acceptable.

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