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analysis coming

Well, much to my surprise, I ended up using Twitter and Facebook updates for just about all updates related to General Convention. As one gal on no one's payroll, that seemed best in the moment to communicate as much as possible about what was happening as it happened.

What I miss from Twitter-type updates is any kind of analysis or commentary. I still plan to offer that, but I'm doing something different this time around. The tweets were offered as cookie dough -- delicious, I hope, by the spoonful, and I hope at least some of you got to eat some Ben & Jerry's or Hagen Daaz with 'em. But rather than offer half-baked analysis, I'm going to get a little sleep and try to build up a reservoir of a few mental calories before I start blogging about what I think really happened and what I think it really means.

This is not the norm for the blogosphere, the greatest strength of which is generally the ability to get news and ideas out as quickly as possible. But somehow I'm feeling that the void left by The Witness' hiatus from publication was more about thoughtful and progressive analysis than it was about anything else. So that's my plan. And if you miss The Witness as much as I do, please drop me a line. The year 2017 would be The Witness' 100th anniversary, and I'd love to have a current copy in my hand (and/or on a screen) to toast the occasion.

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