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Sentamu Calls for Religious Revival


New Vision (Kampala)
August 15, 2005

By Henry Mukasa

THE Archbishop of York, Dr. John Sentamu, has called for religious revival in the country.

He delivered a powerful sermon that moved hundreds in the congregation at Miracle Centre Cathedral, Rubaga.

Referring to his elevation to the second highest post in the Anglican Church, Sentamu said there was hope for Uganda.

"Churchill called this country the pearl of Africa. In the 1970s, Amin was the embarrassment of Africa. It's slowly crawling back and we want it to be the real pearl of Africa," Sentamu said.

"We can be rich. We can develop but without knowing God, that's nothing. The Uganda Martyrs died so that Christ is known in this country. They didn't die in vain, and they were young," he added.

Hailing the dominance of the youth in the Cathedral, founded and run by his brother Pastor Robert Kayanja, the Archbishop said the Church was assured of continuity.

"If the youth are not there, the Church tends to be tired," he said, referring to Jesus' likening of the ancestry of God's kingdom to the youth.

He said, "When I see what is happening today, revival is about to break out." Nodding almost at every sentence Sentamu uttered, Kayanja was excited at his elder brother's presence. Kayanja described Sentamu as a mentor and family kingpin.

Sentamu called for unity, saying acting individually gave people wrong visions.

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